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Sheree McIntyre was “a bit of a gypsy pre-children”.

Sheree McIntyre is the vice president and country head of JustCo Australia, a co-working provider.

Where do you live?

In a Victorian terrace in Port Melbourne that I bought with my husband in 2017. We live there with two of our three sons, a dog, a bird and two yabbies.

What do you love most about your home?

The French doors in our upstairs bedroom that we always have open to enjoy the beautiful garden chimes from next door and the birds singing.

Have you changed anything about your home?

We pulled up the carpets and polished our concrete floors. They look fantastic!

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One more thing you’d change?

I’d love to add an extra bedroom for visiting family and friends.

How many homes have you ever lived in?

Probably about 20. I was a bit of a gypsy pre-children. I’ve been lucky enough to live in London, Auckland and Tokyo.

The most memorable?

The house we were living in when our three boys were young. We have many precious and wonderful memories from there. One moment I’ll never forget was when we stained our new stairs overnight so they could dry safely. About midnight, we woke to panic-stricken cries and found our two-year-old middle son stuck on the stairs like a fly in honey.

Your first foot on the property ladder?

An apartment in Drewery Lane, in Melbourne’s CBD, which I bought in 1998. I’ll never forget how challenging it was to get my first mortgage. The banks weren’t keen to lend to a young, single, female executive. Luckily, I happened to meet a great female bank manager who saw no reason not to apply the same approval process to me as my male counterparts. It turned out to be a great investment property.

Are you a keen or reluctant property buyer?

Very keen. We’d love to renovate and flip (quickly resell property for a profit). That’s our retirement plan.

How many homes have you ever bought and ever sold?

Bought five and sold four.

Highlights of your property journey?

The day we purchased our lovely terrace, the market was peaking so we didn’t think we would have a chance. But it must have been our lucky day because we got it for a great price.

The lowlights?

Living through major renovations with little kids. Plaster dust, argh!

Best property advice you’ve heard?

Don’t believe everything real estate agents tell you.

Worst property advice you’ve heard?

Don’t worry about overcomitting; you can always sell.

Tips for homebuyers?

If you need more space, consider renovating or extending if you’re happy with your location. Selling, packing and moving is time consuming, stressful and expensive, and stamp duty (a government tax people pay when buying a house) can be a killer.

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